Affordable way to buy friends gifts for Christmas – for teens ❤️

it can be very hard as a teen ( or an adult ) to buy all of your family gifts for Christmas along side your friends, so me and my friends usually do this, to help us save money At Christmas time ! 

If you have a  large group of friends it will be very expensive to buy them all a gift that’s thoughtful and special, so get your friends together and get them to write there name  on a peice of paper, fold it up and put it in a mug, hat or somebody’s hand. Shake it so all of the paper is mixed up and one at a time choose a slip of paper from the mug, if you have yourself quickly put it back into the mug and pick agin.  

Don’t tell any of your friends who you have got and then buy the person you have on the slip of paper  a gift. This way everybody will revive and give a gift that they will love ! ( to make sure it’s fair set a price minimum and maximum, that everybody agrees on ) 

Here are some ideas of what to buy them ❤️ 

 thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it ! Don’t forget to check out my other posts ❤️❤️


What to buy girly teens for Christmas 💗

Here is a list of things girly teens actually want for Christmas !

  • Clothes ( if you don’t know what specific clothing items she would wear buy her a voucher for one of her favrote shops: river island, top shop, primark, selfriges)   
  • Lush! ( lush is a bathbomb store I’m pretty sure all teens have heard of this, the products are incredible ! And agin if you don’t know what to buy, there are pre made gift sets from £5 and upwards !) 
  •  soap and glory ! ( amazing body care range including: shower gel, moisturiser, hand lotion, ect ( BONUS TIP: if you wait after Christmas boots have an amazing sale where the huge soap and glory box £60 goes to £30 !)  
  • A handbag! Every girly girl needs a handbag!
  • Makeup is also a lovely gift however I recommend going to a proper counter where they match your skin colour so it’s perfect.(DEAL ALERT: on the website WOWCHER Mac lipsticks are £10 each usually £15.50 )
  • Pyjamas and cosy socks                  ( primark have really nice cosy socks for £1 ) 
  • Re decorate there room ( this is an amazing gift, make there room more mature !)   
  • Computer/ iPad lots of teens have a lot of school work so it’s very helpful to have a computer or iPad .

I really hope this helps thank you for reading 💗

Cheap High end make up? Is it true?

for a long time I have paid full price for all of my highend make up until I realise I could get it cheaper by doing these things. 

First of all TK Maxx have a wide variety of high end make up, I never realised this until once when I went in to get acrylic storage for my lipstick and I found these products !  
 The stilla eyeshadow pallet RRP is usually £25 and I paid £10 
The Lancôme rouge sensation in red desire RRP is usually £20-£25 and I paid £5! 
The stilla eyeliner RRP is usually £13 and I paid £2.99! 
Too faced colour bomb RRP is usually £20 and I paid £4.99 ! 

Surprisingly pound land actually sell branded make up, don’t worry it isn’t used I thought that myself until I’ve spoken to members of staff, it’s either in old packaging or the writing isn’t English on the product !  
Barry M lipgloss. Barry M dazzle dusts. Maybelline illegal length mascara. Rimmel stay glossy lipgloss Rimmel lipliner. Rimmel scandal eyes Rimmel apocalips. 2 Calvin Klein lipsticks RRP £15.50 

Make up outlets, the cosmetic company
I didn’t know that that make up outlets were a thing until I went to a shopping outlet, I got a Mac liplined which are usually £12.50 for £8 pound  

Online makeup sales, 

I got an email telling me that beauty bay were having a sale, I thought that there wouldnt be much money off until I saw the naked basics palette from £22-£13.00 so it’s worth checking it out! 

Favrote drugstore products ! 

Here are my favrote drugstore makeup products ! 😁

  Let’s get started : 
Soap and glory super cat black ‘felt tip’ liner. This is by far the best drugstore liner in my opinion, it makes applying liner so easy and perfectly even if you find it hard like me :/ 

 maybelline New York illegal length fibre extension mascara. This is a very unique mascara as fibres are mixed in with the mascara so when you coat you’re lashes the fibres stick to them making them appear very long and thick !  

 Seventeen contour kit is my favrote contour kit I even love it more than my urban decay flushed pallet ! The kit includes a highlight and a contour powder however they only have one shade so it may not match everyone. 

 seventeen brows that brow kit is the perfect travel friendly brow box me and all of my friends love it and the price, it includes: 

A brow pencil.                                     Brow cream.                                         Brow powder.                                       Brow bone highlight.                           Mini brow brush.                                 Mirror  


Barry m touch of magic green ( 914 ) lipstick , don’t be afraid when you see this lipstick it doesn’t actually look green  on your lips ! 

 Depending on your lip type it changes a different colour for everyone, when I use it it’s a bright pink but when my sister uses it it’s red ! And when my cousin wears it it’s pale barbie pink  !

Please leave a comment and any suggestions  for my next post! Xxx

Mac lipstick swatching 

I’m a huge fan of Mac and many of you have been requesting swatches so I though it would be a great  to combine the two! 

  If the text is too small I have re wrote them down below : 

( website where I got mine from ! ) 

1. Costa chic – frost finish 

2. Pink nouveau- satin finish 

3. Poshtone – mineralised 

4. Rebel- satin

5. Mehr- matte 

6. Fanfare- creamsheen 

7. Impassioned- amplified 

8. Pink plaid- matte 

9. Flat out fabulous- matte 

10. Charlotte ( collection piece ( sold out ) giambattista vali)- matte 

Duty free haul ! 😆

one of my favrote parts of going on holiday is visiting duty free and getting deals on perfume and makeup ! 

So here is what I bought and what I think about them. 

Chanel EAU VIVE perfume 💗

 This perfume smells amazing and lasts for a long time. I would spray it on before I went out at night and when I would wake up in the morning I will still be able to smell it ! 
Mac mineralised blush-PETAL POWER 💖
This  Sparkily summery blusher is great for lots of different skin types. And would complete any glowy, radiant look. It instantly adds a pop of colour to the cheeks and makes you  appear more awake and ready for the day or night ! 

Mac lipstick – impassioned  mac lipsticks are incredible and many people say ‘once you use mac you never look back !’ i love this lipstick as I don’t have anything like it, it’s a gorgeous colour and  looks amazing with a full face of makeup or alone 😁

Mac look in a box   
When I saw this I knew I had to try it ! This box includes;



Lip liner 

In the store they only  had the one I have here and  nude version. 
Mac mineralised eyeshadow quad – golden hours

This is perfect for travelling as its small and compact, and you can get many looks out of it. They have amazing pigmentation and glide on the eye ! 

Benefit roller lash mascara Best  

  mascara I have ever owned really does what it says ! 

Estée Lauder lipstick – poppy love 

This is a beautiful shimmery pinky/red lipstick that is bey hydrating to the lips and is overall stunning ! 
Please comment and let me know if you want in depth reviews on any products and swatches ☺️💗


Best affordable makeup brushes ! 

I know sometimes it can be really expesnsive to buy makeup brushes as well as makeup so here are some of my favourite  cheap makeup brushes ! 

Primark makeup brushes 



Believe it or not but these are my favourite out of  this whole list, I had never tried anything from the primark beauty section and I really thought that they wouldn’t be any good but for the price it was worth the try! 

I was extremely impressed by the quality and how they apply my makeup so flawlessly, they don’t shed however when washing  then try not to get water inside as they can become abit wobbly ! 

I think there is 6 or 7 in total but my  favourites are the kabuki brush and the stippling brush.


Real techniques brushes

Price :

Really does depend.
I love my real tech brushes they preform so amazingly and last for a very long time, there great for beginners or professionals and really help you achieve any look you could imagine ! 

All of the brushes are colour coded depending on if there for for your eyes  lips or face ! 

 Thank you for reading please leave a comment !x