I know sometimes it can be really expesnsive to buy makeup brushes as well as makeup so here are some of my favourite  cheap makeup brushes ! 

Primark makeup brushes 



Believe it or not but these are my favourite out of  this whole list, I had never tried anything from the primark beauty section and I really thought that they wouldn’t be any good but for the price it was worth the try! 

I was extremely impressed by the quality and how they apply my makeup so flawlessly, they don’t shed however when washing  then try not to get water inside as they can become abit wobbly ! 

I think there is 6 or 7 in total but my  favourites are the kabuki brush and the stippling brush.


Real techniques brushes

Price :

Really does depend.
I love my real tech brushes they preform so amazingly and last for a very long time, there great for beginners or professionals and really help you achieve any look you could imagine ! 

All of the brushes are colour coded depending on if there for for your eyes  lips or face ! 

 Thank you for reading please leave a comment !x



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