Here are my favrote drugstore makeup products ! 😁

  Let’s get started : 
Soap and glory super cat black ‘felt tip’ liner. This is by far the best drugstore liner in my opinion, it makes applying liner so easy and perfectly even if you find it hard like me :/ 

 maybelline New York illegal length fibre extension mascara. This is a very unique mascara as fibres are mixed in with the mascara so when you coat you’re lashes the fibres stick to them making them appear very long and thick !  

 Seventeen contour kit is my favrote contour kit I even love it more than my urban decay flushed pallet ! The kit includes a highlight and a contour powder however they only have one shade so it may not match everyone. 

 seventeen brows that brow kit is the perfect travel friendly brow box me and all of my friends love it and the price, it includes: 

A brow pencil.                                     Brow cream.                                         Brow powder.                                       Brow bone highlight.                           Mini brow brush.                                 Mirror  


Barry m touch of magic green ( 914 ) lipstick , don’t be afraid when you see this lipstick it doesn’t actually look green  on your lips ! 

 Depending on your lip type it changes a different colour for everyone, when I use it it’s a bright pink but when my sister uses it it’s red ! And when my cousin wears it it’s pale barbie pink  !

Please leave a comment and any suggestions  for my next post! Xxx


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