Here is a list of things girly teens actually want for Christmas !

  • Clothes ( if you don’t know what specific clothing items she would wear buy her a voucher for one of her favrote shops: river island, top shop, primark, selfriges)   
  • Lush! ( lush is a bathbomb store I’m pretty sure all teens have heard of this, the products are incredible ! And agin if you don’t know what to buy, there are pre made gift sets from £5 and upwards !) 
  •  soap and glory ! ( amazing body care range including: shower gel, moisturiser, hand lotion, ect ( BONUS TIP: if you wait after Christmas boots have an amazing sale where the huge soap and glory box £60 goes to £30 !)  
  • A handbag! Every girly girl needs a handbag!
  • Makeup is also a lovely gift however I recommend going to a proper counter where they match your skin colour so it’s perfect.(DEAL ALERT: on the website WOWCHER Mac lipsticks are £10 each usually £15.50 )
  • Pyjamas and cosy socks                  ( primark have really nice cosy socks for £1 ) 
  • Re decorate there room ( this is an amazing gift, make there room more mature !)   
  • Computer/ iPad lots of teens have a lot of school work so it’s very helpful to have a computer or iPad .

I really hope this helps thank you for reading 💗


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