it can be very hard as a teen ( or an adult ) to buy all of your family gifts for Christmas along side your friends, so me and my friends usually do this, to help us save money At Christmas time ! 

If you have a  large group of friends it will be very expensive to buy them all a gift that’s thoughtful and special, so get your friends together and get them to write there name  on a peice of paper, fold it up and put it in a mug, hat or somebody’s hand. Shake it so all of the paper is mixed up and one at a time choose a slip of paper from the mug, if you have yourself quickly put it back into the mug and pick agin.  

Don’t tell any of your friends who you have got and then buy the person you have on the slip of paper  a gift. This way everybody will revive and give a gift that they will love ! ( to make sure it’s fair set a price minimum and maximum, that everybody agrees on ) 

Here are some ideas of what to buy them ❤️ 

 thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it ! Don’t forget to check out my other posts ❤️❤️


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